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Snowstorm in the San Juans
Winter on the Durango & Silverton

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 3
Great Race Across the Southwest

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 2
Great Race Across the Midwest

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 1
Great Race to Ogden

In Search of Steam - Vol. 1
On the Mainline 2017

Steam at the South Rim
The Grand Canyon Railway

315 - A Decade in Steam
2017 on the Cumbres & Toltec

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 5

Dairyland Steam
w/ NKP #765 and Soo Line #1003

Reading & Northern #425
Solo Excursions

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 4

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 3

Nickel Plate Road #765
Lima Superpower in the Lehigh Valley

Nickel Plate Road #765
Erie Lackawanna Adventure

Southern #4501
Return of a Legend

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 2

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 1

Winter on the Narrow Gauge
Flanger Special on the C&TS

Tripleheader to Cumbres Pass
Chama Steam 2014

Reading and Northern #425
Sound and Fury

Work Extra 315
#315 on the Cumbres & Toltec

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 4
Caterpillars on the C&TS

Southern #630
Thunder in the Rathole

Winter Steam - Volume 3
Winter in the Sumpter Valley

Reading and Northern #425
Autumn Leaf Excursions

Union Pacific #844
Rare Miles & Familiar Rails

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 3
Fall Freights on the C&TS

Nickel Plate Road #765
Berkshire in the Alleghenies

Southern #630
Steam on the Mainline

Winter Steam
Volume 2

Union Pacific #844
Pride of the Fleet

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 2
The Cumbres & Toltec

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 1
The Durango & Silverton

Santa Fe #3751
Steam to the South Rim

Union Pacific #844
South to the Southwest

Winter Steam
Volume 1

Reading and Northern #425
Blue Mountain Thunder Vol. 2

Reading and Northern #425
Blue Mountain Thunder Vol. 1

Chesapeake and Ohio #614
Track Speed

Snowstorm in the San Juans - Volume 1

Winter on the Durango & Silverton

This 2-disc set offers a rare look at winter operations on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. One of the few railroads that runs steam year round, the D&S operates a shorter trip to Cascade Canyon in the winter as snow slides frequently block the tracks closer to Silverton. The winter of 2019 saw near record snowfall in Durango during the month of February, and the railroad had to run a number of flanger trains to keep the line open to Cascade. This program takes a look at three of those flanger runs, the regular trains to Cascade, and the Winter Photographer's weekend.

Coverage begins with a look at the Cascade Canyon train during the first major snowstorm of the season in December of 2018. You'll see K-36 #481 pulling a 12-car train to Cascade on Dec. 28th amid blizzard conditions. The next morning was cold and clear with plenty of fresh snow on the ground, and #481 again pulled 12 cars to Cascade. We'll then jump ahead to mid-February and the Winter Photographer's weekend. You'll see K-28 #476 on the regular train to Cascade amidst heavy snow on February 14, 2019. The next morning #476 headed to Cascade pulling Flanger OF, in order to clear the line ahead of the regular train with K-36 #480. Disc 1 concludes with a look at visiting Southern Pacific 4-6-0 #18 pulling a special excursion on February 16th.

Disc 2 starts with a ride on the annual Winter Photographer's Special on February 17th, which featured #476 on a mixed train to Cascade. February 18th saw #476 on another flanger run ahead of both SP #18 and Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose #5. You'll see #476 pull the flanger to Rockwood, SP #18 climb Hermosa Hill, and all 3 trains on the famed High Line during a snowstorm - a rare event that will likely never be repeated. We'll then chronicle one more flanger run on February 20th. Service to Silverton resumed in May, and Disc 2 concludes with a look at a few of those early trips as plenty of snow still lingered in upper reaches of the Animas Canyon.

Filmed entirely in HD, this in-depth program shows the Durango & Silverton as few have ever seen it. With lots of unique viewing locations, this 2 disc set features spectacular steam action amidst heavy snow, frigid temperatures, and the incredible scenery the D&S is famous for. This program has minimal narration (with the option to turn it on or off) and no distracting music.

In addition to the standard widescreen DVD, this program is also available on HD Blu-ray disc.

Running Time: 143 minutes
(plus 20 minutes of previews)

Standard Definition DVD (2 discs)


High Definition Blu-ray (2 discs)


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