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Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 3
Great Race Across the Southwest

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 2
Great Race Across the Midwest

Union Pacific 4014 - Vol. 1
Great Race to Ogden

In Search of Steam - Vol. 1
On the Mainline 2017

Steam at the South Rim
The Grand Canyon Railway

315 - A Decade in Steam
2017 on the Cumbres & Toltec

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 5

Dairyland Steam
w/ NKP #765 and Soo Line #1003

Reading & Northern #425
Solo Excursions

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 4

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 3

Nickel Plate Road #765
Lima Superpower in the Lehigh Valley

Nickel Plate Road #765
Erie Lackawanna Adventure

Southern #4501
Return of a Legend

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 2

Norfolk & Western #611
Reborn - Volume 1

Winter on the Narrow Gauge
Flanger Special on the C&TS

Tripleheader to Cumbres Pass
Chama Steam 2014

Reading and Northern #425
Sound and Fury

Work Extra 315
#315 on the Cumbres & Toltec

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 4
Caterpillars on the C&TS

Southern #630
Thunder in the Rathole

Winter Steam - Volume 3
Winter in the Sumpter Valley

Reading and Northern #425
Autumn Leaf Excursions

Union Pacific #844
Rare Miles & Familiar Rails

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 3
Fall Freights on the C&TS

Nickel Plate Road #765
Berkshire in the Alleghenies

Southern #630
Steam on the Mainline

Winter Steam
Volume 2

Union Pacific #844
Pride of the Fleet

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 2
The Cumbres & Toltec

Steam in the Rockies - Vol. 1
The Durango & Silverton

Santa Fe #3751
Steam to the South Rim

Union Pacific #844
South to the Southwest

Chesapeake and Ohio #614
Track Speed

Union Pacific 4014 - Year of the Big Boy:  3 Volume Set

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Union Pacific 4014 - Year of the Big Boy - Vol. 3

The Great Race Across the Southwest

In late September, Union Pacific 'Big Boy' #4014 embarked on the third and final tour of 2019: "The Great Race Across the Southwest." Like the inaugural trip in May, 4014 traveled west from Cheyenne, WY to Ogden, UT. The train then headed southwest to Nevada and California, before traveling east through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The 2nd half of the tour began on November 1st and saw 4014 continue east into Texas, with stops in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, before passing through Denver, CO on the final leg back to Cheyenne. This program covers the actual southwestern portion of the 2-month long tour, beginning in Las Vegas, NV on October 8th.

We'll follow the Big Boy south from Las Vegas into California, as #4014 returned to the Golden State for the first time since being restored to operation. You'll see the locomotive climbing Cima Hill and passing through Afton Canyon, before utilizing BNSF trackage rights over Cajon Pass to reach the Los Angeles area. Then we'll cover the 2 public excursions for the RailGiants Museum over Cajon, before following #4014 east on the former Southern Pacific 'Sunset Route.' You'll see #4014 climb Beaumont Hill, travel through the Salton Sink, and cross the Colorado River into Arizona. We'll then follow the Big Boy across the Sonoran Desert to Tucson, before traveling further east into New Mexico. This program concludes with the train crossing the Rio Grande River into El Paso, TX - officially ending the 1st half of the tour.

The video covers 9 days of operation:

  • Oct. 8th - Las Vegas, NV to Yermo, CA
  • Oct. 9th - Yermo, CA to Bloomington, CA
  • Oct. 12th - Bloomington, CA to Yermo, CA - RailGiants Public Excursion Day 1
  • Oct. 13th - Yermo, CA to Bloomington, CA - RailGiants Public Excursion Day 2
  • Oct. 15th - Bloomington, CA to Yuma, AZ
  • Oct. 16th - Yuma, AZ to Casa Grande, AZ
  • Oct. 17th - Casa Grande, AZ to Tucson, AZ
  • Oct. 19th - Tucson, AZ to Lordsburg, NM
  • Oct. 20th - Lordsburg, NM to El Paso, TX

Filmed entirely in HD, this program features #4014 traversing the stark desert scenery of the Southwestern United States. You'll see the Big B